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Wipeout: Pure (PSP)

By: Rex Inego | Oct 20, 2007 01:55 PM

Im not a ґracer type of person, but this isnҒt just a racer type of game.

I saw this before I pre-ordered my beloved PSP, and thought nothing of it, dismissing it straight away. It ended up being my first PSP game, and what a game it is!

Pros: You race around futuristic tracks in your futuristic hovercraft, firing the weapons you picked up at your rivals. Theres nothing more rewarding than hitting another ship your about to take over with a ball of energy, plunging it into the wall as you speed past at 400mph. The name of this game does it justice, it is almost pure as in perfect, and I can hardly point out anything Sony Liverpool could have improved. The graphics are stunning, some of the best (if not the best) on the PSP. This game is far better than the PS2Ғs poor sequel to WipEout, WipEout Fusion. The ships look absolutely stunning when being raced, and the futuristic techno sounds fit in great. Even if you hate techno, you gotta love the sounds of WipEout. The game plays smoothly and speedily. There is no drop in framerate and she ships race fast, non-jerkily and overall, perfect.

cons: The game isnt one you can play over and over for hours, but by then your battery will have died out anyway :P

conclusion: This game has the potential to last months upon months with all of the new download packs being released. They keep the game fresh. Downloading a new track/ship/music clip will keep this game going for a while, but when you buy WipEout, make sure you have a USB cable and another game you really love incase you get bored. Graphics 10 Sound 7 Gameplay 9 Life 9 Overall 8.75

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