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Woodworm Spring Back Cricket Stumps

By: Chris Kevin | Sep 27, 2011 11:02 AM

Woodworm Spring Back Cricket Stumps is a perfect choice for those who demand intense bowling practice. This spring back cricket stumps are designed for bowling practice and to increase the concentration. It gives the bowlers an intense training and with its unique spring back action the stump remains in the same position. This means, every time the ball hits the stumps, it will not fall but comes back to the normal place. The heavy base makes this possible. The cricket stumps loaded onto this heavy base that keeps the stumps in upright position. 

Pros: Since it need not be hammered into the ground you can use it anywhere. It is most appropriate for indoor nets for practicing. Durable construction makes this stump hard wearing. The sturdy stumps will not wear away easily and you can use it for many practice sessions. You can position them anywhere you want without any worries. This cricket stumps enhances the concentration skills of the bowlers and keeps them focused. In this cricket stumps pack, Bails are also included. Perfectly styled and designed, this cricket stumps matches with the rest of your cricket equipment.

cons: None

conclusion: Woodworm Spring Back Cricket Stumps is durable in design and very functional. The standard sized cricket stumps prepares you for your matches well. Get the best bowling practice ever with this spring back cricket stumps.

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