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World Tour Soccer (PSP)

By: Rex Inego | Oct 20, 2007 01:58 PM

When you get a new PSP game, youre already excited. I didnҒt even put it in my sexy, black wondermachine and I was happy with my buy. When I booted World Tour Soccer up, the smile beamed off my face like a child on Christmas day. The graphics, the gameplay, and the fact it could all fit on something smaller than Victoria Beckhams sunglasses overwhelmed me. I was like this for days, maybe even weeks, before I started thinking҅ What game shall I get nextӅ?

Pros: World Tour Soccer is amazingly fun in different ways, but the challenge mode doesnt really make up for there not being a league or season mode. Challenge mode is the first thing I tried, with limited teams at the time, it was tough, but a great way to learn how to play. In my opinion, challenge mode definitely makes up for no training options, as it rewards you with points for good gameplay and tricks, making you aware of how to play the game with skill.

cons: Cup mode gives you the opportunity to earn points, which you can spend on new teams. This is a good idea at heart, but in the next instalment needs to be improved on. Once you have bought your favourite teams, it seems to get a bit boring and pointless. An option to buy new balls and classic playerseven haircuts would have been nice. You can unlock classic teams and special balls by winning certain trophies though. The commentary is nice and the music is good, but rarely will a good song come on. I booted up my new game to be greeted by The Stone Roses, but since IŒve been hearing far too many tunes you would expect from Super Mario Bros. A customisable soundtrack wouldnҒt have been snubbed.

conclusion: World Tour Soccer is a great, fun game with a few minor holdbacks. It cant be named short-lived, but it wonҒt keep you going for too long. If you need a football game on your console, go for it, but when Pro Evo and Fifa come out, you will be trading this in. Graphics 8 Sound 6 Gameplay 7 Life 5 Overall 6.5

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