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World's Sexiest Washing Machine ever

By: Rex Inego | Jul 30, 2011 10:03 AM

Laundry, one of the most disliked jobs seems to have taken away the precious time of many. Mere sight of piled up stale stinking clothes tends to make one lose interest and feel lethargic. This ugly feeling is now overtaken by theĀ introduction of a new type of washing machine called theĀ Almighty Laundry washing machine. This new washing device is designed to make the whole washing process easy and interesting. It can turn dirty piled up clothes to fresh ones in no matter of time. Description about the Almighty Almighty washing machine is constructed with separate compartments for different types of clothing such as socks, towels and shorts. This rectangular shaped washing machine makes it easy to place it any tight corner. It is designed with a body and separating frame. Touch screen at the top of the device helps to control the device through menus. There is also a detergent slot at the top of this device. Frame for hanging the clothes also comes along with the product in the box. The design of Almighty is totally different from the usual cylindrical shaped ones. The water injector in this machine helps in the washing process as the water is sprayed in to the machine and inturn on to the clothes instead of rolling the machine to spread water through the clothes. Again on the positive side of this machine, it does not require clothes to be just dumped into the cylindrical box, instead be hanged neatly in the frame provided. How does it actually work? 1. Line up the dirty clothes on to the hanger in the frame. Small clothings such as socks and ties can be placed in to a small tray just below the frame. 2. Push the frames inside when all the clothes are lined up and push it in to the washing machine. 3. Press start menu to begin the wash process. 4. Take out the frames when the wash process is complete and spread it out to dry the cleaned clothes. The unique design of this washing machine is sure to rock in every household and bring back smile in every single user.




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