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Yonex Aerosensa AS 30

By: Rex Inego | Apr 20, 2009 10:23 AM

Meticulously engineered for distance and created from the best materials with utmost care in manufacturing procedures, Stability Yonex Aerosensa AS 30 is the standard bearing shuttle with perfect mixture of playability, durability and value!

Speed of 3 / 78 or medium is ensured in a pack of 12 goose feather shuttle cocks per tube. Options of slow or speed-2, Medium or speed-3, and fast or speed-4 are also available.

The official licensed product of the past three Olympics and major IBF tournaments can easily withstand any climatic conditions.

Pros: The quality and precision ensured in every aspect is par excellence for optimum satisfaction of hard-core gamers and ensure superb price-to-performance values as it requires les placements than the conventional shuttle cocks.

cons: Nothing to specify.

conclusion: The sophisticated technology and precision power ensured in these shuttle cocks makes it highly viable and trusted by millions the world over. Created from top grade goose feathers for consistent recovery, flight trajectory and speed performance keeps it a class apart, the A-1 product!

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