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York R700 Platinum Series Rower

By: Rex Inego | Apr 17, 2009 04:40 AM

With a combination of air and magnets as resistance, the York R700 Platinum Series Rower has 8 resistance levels that can be adjusted using the 8-steps rotational tension controller and the Aluminium seat track-R 700 offers extra smooth rowing action.

Ensuring optimum comfort for the users, the rowing handle is height adjustable; the seat is retractable for convenient storage; heavy duty pivoting foot straps; large comfortable contoured retractable seat on precision rollers; and multi-functional LCD computer display makes this package the most viable design for better work-out.

The product weighs 28 kilograms and the maximum user weight supported is 115 kg or 253 lbs. With lifetime warranty on frame and 3 years on parts, this rower with dimensions of (L) 178 cm x (W) 48 cm x (H) 62 cm and folded dimensions of (L) 125 x (W) 48 x (H) 62 cm, has retractable seat track for space efficient stand and fold storage.

Pros: Designed from metal, wood and plastic, it ensures smoother rowing action and a comfortable workout while the storage too hardly creates any hassles. The ideal solid bike with maximum information on the built-in computer for displaying Time, Time/500m, Distance, Calories and Stroke Index and superbly smooth, stylish and storable design, this compact rower is ideal for a thorough work-out and space constrictions hardly affect its storage!

cons: It is quite expensive and the size is huge.

conclusion: Complete with sophisticated technology and high quality materials used in construction, this is a value product one can rely on without doubts. Technically advanced in every aspect, it is easier to use, convenient to work-out and compact to be installed.

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